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Comble is here to help make your rental a Success

Get more out of your rental property with less effort

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Property leasing Redmond


Comble offers both full-service management and lease only services.

Experienced property managemet Redmond wa

Our Fees

24/7 Maintenance Hotline with Live Phone Support. Residents can reach a live person after hours for emergency maintenance concerns.

Property leasing Redmond wa system and processes


We make owning your property simple and only require you to read your monthly statement and receive your monthly check.

Property leasing Redmond wa system and processes


You don’t pay anything until your property is rented, guaranteed.

Property leasing Redmond wa system and processes


All of our property managers are experienced professionals that will have deep knowledge of your property’s area. Having a property manager with specific market knowledge is very valuable in assessing current rents and knowing market trends. Your property manager will offer suggestions to make your property rent for more and sooner. If your property is not in rent ready condition, your manager can help you with this process, easing the stress of the transition. Our managers have years of property management experience and have an array of procedures to help shield owners from unnecessary liability and help tenants feel they are being well looked after.

Property leasing Redmond wa system and processes

Tenant Screening

We only place the very best possible tenants into your rental property. Our very thorough screening process has consistently kept our eviction rate to one. Prospective tenant screening includes running industry-specific credit reports, verifying the tenants employment, income and current and previous rental history. We run credit reports on all applicants age 18 years or older. This report includes a search for any prior evictions. We verify driver’s licenses, social security cards and pay stubs as well as contact their prior landlords for confirmation that they have been good tenants in the past. As a management company, we have many procedures to eliminate problem tenants prior to ever renting to them. Placing the right tenant is the single most important step in the process.

Property leasing Redmond wa system and processes


We create an extensive web presence for your rental property by placing your property on 80 plus rental websites including the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. Beyond web traffic, we also use property signage and Comble’s own referral base. Comble’s marketing program, combined with our position in the rental management marketplace increases exposure for your rental property. As a result, we are able to consistently rent properties, priced at current market rates, to qualified tenants in approximately 14 days.

Property leasing Redmond wa system and processes


Our accounting staff provides all property owners with monthly financial statements. The monthly statement includes all the financial activity. You will also receive copies of the bills we paid on your behalf. The financial statement also has year to date information, so your December financial statement will have all your annual figures for tax purposes. If you ever have questions regarding your statement, you can contact your manager or our helpful accounting staff.

Property leasing Redmond wa system and processes


Property inspections are a very important of the property manager duties. At Comble we perform monthly drive by inspections and quarterly interior inspections. During the interior inspections we check for any maintenance issues, including under sink leaks, faulty caulking and loose hinges.

Property leasing Redmond wa system and processes


We spend a lot effort searching for and retaining the best vendors for your property’s maintenance needs. We have an extensive preferred vendors list, some of which we have been using for over twelve years. This relationship helps use get a better than market price for most of the work.

Answers to Frequently Asked Property Owner Questions

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