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How To Market An Unappealing Property

Homeowners renting an unappealing property may worry about finding a tenant for their house. With plenty of homes that have a fantastic curb appeal and amenities throughout, landlords may feel they have an ugly house when compared to other properties that are on the market. However, with market trends creating a seller’s market, it’s easier than ever for homeowners to sell an ugly house.

Keep reading if you want to find out information that is guaranteed to transform a plain house into a hidden gem in the eyes of potential renters!

Focus On The Good

Even if you have a not-so-appealing property you want to rent out, chances are it has at least some redeeming qualities you can take advantage of. You have to look for those and focus on them as much as you possibly can.

Whatever you can point to that’s already in good shape or looks nice can help detract from the areas that will require more work to get to that same level. Turning the potential tenant’s attention to the good is the perfect place to start your marketing for the property.

Highlight Potential

We’ve talked about focusing on what's good when it comes to an unappealing property, but what about those renters who are looking to flip the house into something better? It’s all about the potential. Highlighting those areas that can turn into something extra special with a little bit of work is the best way to entice people and catch their attention.

That potential could be a good amount of space, original hardwood floors, and unique architectural elements only your property has, that is what makes it stand out from the others.

Add Staging

It never hurts to do a little staging in a home when putting it on the market in order to make it look more homey. Staging is a great way to help the ones interested see what life can look like in that house and what they could potentially see every day if they decide to end up purchasing.

Set The Right Price

When listing an unappealing property for renting, be sure to know the market value of the other comparable homes in your area. While it may be tempting to raise the price to achieve top-dollar, it’s right to stay competitive.

Frequently review the listing price on local homes and stay up to date to make sure your house is priced accordingly. Ugly house buyers will appreciate the competitive pricing, fully aware that your home will require some fixing-up at the end of the day.

Talk About Location

One of the driving factors for prospective tenants is the location of the home. If you’re looking to rent out an ugly house, be sure to focus on all the area has to offer, as we’ve talked about a little bit earlier. If there are parks and activities nearby, then you should use this as a selling point.

If your property is located in a residential neighborhood, be sure to mention the local school district, opportunities for children to play, and a sense of community that families will surely appreciate. For homes located near cities, make a list of nightlife, dining, and entertainment, and showcase why your home is situated in such a fantastic area.

Be Upfront

Don’t hide your home’s flaws from the tenants. Transparency is key when it comes to this business, and potential buyers will greatly appreciate this. Instead of hiding your property’s shortcomings, let the renters know of all the potential your house has to offer even if it has some flaws, since nothing is perfect.

If your home has ample closet space, let them know. You can redo a kitchen, but adding square footage is more difficult without a major addition.

Share On Social Media

Social media is an excellent way of reaching prospects and showcasing your home in all of its glory. Post pictures of your upgrades, discuss all your home has to offer, and mention local attractions that people might e interested in.

You can ask friends and family members to share your listing on their social to help get the word out this way. You can post your unappealing property for sale as often as you want, reaching new people that might be interested daily.

Bonus Tip

More and more people are into house flipping these days, and while it may not be possible to redo the entire home, they can always make small, affordable repairs and upgrades to help give an ugly house a makeover. If your kitchen is outdated, consider painting the cabinets and adding new hardware. This weekend project will give your kitchen a face-lift, without breaking the bank.

Landscaping is also a perfect way to make something unappealing look appealing. Spend time cleaning up your property’s yard and removing clutter and debris before the tenants arrive for a tour. Add a fresh layer of mulch and paint your front door to give your house a welcoming appearance.


With a little marketing skill and some useful tips and tricks, ugly houses for renting turn out to be simply a diamond in the rough. And by using these tips that we’ve compiled in this article you can make sure to find the right prospect for your property.

A manager can provide you with guidance and knowledge when it comes to promoting your property in the best way possible. Thus, making sure that you have a flourishing business with happy tenants and little to no vacancies.

Get in touch with us today and learn more about our services.

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