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Staging a Rental: 6 Tips You Must Know

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

staging your rental property

Rental staging will set your house out from the competition, give prospective renters confidence, and help you attract the best tenants. A simple expense of rental staging may protect your rental properties from lying vacant for too long, allowing you to make money instead of losing money.

The home staging recommendations for rentals can allow you to keep your rental property filled longer and at the rate it deserves if you have a short-term or long-term rental property.

Depersonalize Your Living Space

This is true whether you're seeking to rent out the current property or sell one. With this simple suggestion, you can make a fantastic first impression on a potential renter. Remove personal items such as family photographs, framed certificates, toys, and other items that create the impression that the house hasn't been completely abandoned. Remove everything that can imply political or religious connections as well. They may quickly alienate tenants from your house if not eliminated.

Your house should be set such that the renter can see themselves living there. Tenants nowadays begin their rental property search on the internet, making it even more essential to remove personal items from the house before photographing your listing.

Use A Neutral Color Scheme with Splashes of Color

According to Worthington Flowers rental houses with a neutral color scheme are more popular than those with vibrant or unique décor. Even though your renters will not own the property, they will want to decorate it with their very own furnishings. Even though the furniture you use to stage won't stay there while it's rented, it's still crucial to do so in a manner that appeals to many tenants.

Maintain a neutral color scheme with colorful touches to provide personality. Renters will find it considerably more attractive and welcoming due to this.

Each Room Should Have Its Own Distinct Identity

Each room's purpose should be plainly discernible. Use the equipment and furniture that best depict the rental property's purpose. A home office, for example, should feature a chair, table, bookshelves, and maybe artwork or a portrait for a more realistic ambiance.

Furthermore, when the proper furniture design and arrangement are chosen, your potential renter may perceive the size of the room better than when the space is vacant or sparsely populated.

You could be astonished how you can breathe life into your house by replacing and rearranging part of your furniture, better representing what a room is designed for.

Maintain A Clean and Glossy Appearance

Signs of previous occupants are one element that makes renters wary of a rental property. They'll immediately turn off a house with scuff marks on the flooring and baseboards, cracks or holes in the walls, and an overall "used" vibe.

After each renter has left, clean the property thoroughly and make any necessary restorations to the walls, flooring, ceilings, and other aspects. Make minor repairs and double-check that everything else is in working condition. Outside, inspect the area surrounding the front entrance and the gate itself for damage and the plants and grass.

Maintain an Open and Clutter-Free Environment

A lot of furniture and little accessories may make a room appear smaller and confining. Only a few critical items of furniture that complement each space should be used while arranging a rental. In the opinion of these Los Angeles property managers thick and heavy furniture, for example, can quickly make a room seem claustrophobic and cramped, so go for lighter-weight pieces.

The remainder of the decoration should be modest and sparse since too much would seem cluttered. If you're presently residing there, ensure all personal belongings are concealed and small kitchen appliances, such as a coffee maker or toaster, are stored in a cupboard to free up counter space.

Eliminate Unpleasant Smells

A musty and wet odor might emanate from a vacant rental property that's been vacant for a long period. And if your previous renter was a chain smoker, it will add to the foul stench that greets you the moment you step through the doorway. So, take action if you don't really want your potential renters to run the other way before even seeing the remainder of your property.

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