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Uncommon ways to market a property

Updated: May 22

The key to a flourishing rental business is to always have renters coming your way, and that’s achieved with eye-catching listings. If you’re struggling to find tenants for your property, you may need some creative ways to market it. There’s nothing wrong with thinking outside the box, in fact, it’s even recommended in advertisements. Unless you’re a real estate marketing pro, the only idea that comes to mind is probably putting a For Sale sign in your front yard. However, that’s far from an original approach that attracts potential tenants.

In today’s post, we will talk about four unconventional methods for marketing your property.

Collaborate with local influencers

Micro-influencers are those individuals who have a decent number of followers and are usually regarded as industry or niche experts, which you can easily find in your area. To widen your reach, you can team up with them for specific ads or diverse content, such as tagging a local popular architect on your listing, and in return, ask him/her to promote your property.

There are more and more influencers with a passion for real estate. Some like to film video content touring the property for their platform, others like to interview owners, and others are simply willing to post about you. This is so worth it, especially if you own a spectacular property.


Another unique idea is to offer potential prospects a freebie to get their attention. Maybe you could provide a one-year home warranty, pay for six months' worth of lawn care services, or provide them with some free utilities such as a coffee machine.

Another option could be to help with moving expenses or offer 6 months’ worth of cleaning from a home cleaning service. Of course, everything you are giving away must be within your means and cannot affect your financial plan to the point you’re no longer comfortable.

Offering these useful freebies can be incredibly helpful to new homeowners and might help you sell the home faster, as everyone would get excited to get free services.

Provide trial stay

This is an option that some might consider very outside the box, but it can be a great way to overcome a buyer’s hesitation. According to Golden Management you can offer to let them stay on your property over the weekend. These few days will allow you to get away for a bit while the potential soon-to-be tenants truly get to know and enjoy the home, making sure it’s the right fit for them. For a trial, they don’t necessarily have to commit financially, but it may be just what they need to fall in love with your home.

Depending on where you’re property is located, there might be regulations in place that prohibit this tactic, so do your research where you live. Also, keep in mind that if there is any damage done to your property during this trial weekend, you can put additional fees in place or ask for a deposit beforehand that will be returned to them afterward.

Make a video

There’s no better way to exhibit your house’s best features than putting it on video and making a virtual house tour. While pictures work, videos are more detailed, giving you more creative freedom. You can also choose which platform you think is more aligned with your target market.

Meanwhile, if your property doesn’t have the most interesting layout, but it has other beautiful features like a spacious backyard, patio, or perhaps a nicely arranged garden, you can entice your buyers by shooting an aerial view of your property using a drone.

If you choose this way of marketing your property, the best thing you can do is invest in professional photographers or videographers to help you make well-crafted videos and show off your property’s best details. More so, if you want to play around even more and get really creative, you can incorporate virtual reality in this and give prospects a tour they will never forget.


We’ve established in this article that there are multiple creative ways to market a house for sale, but they require some of your time and effort. Thinking in a different way is what is required to have a distinctive property and listing that stands out from the competition.

A property manager can help advertise your rental property effectively, saving you time and money. They have a good understanding of the real estate market, can create professional listings, and use various advertising methods to attract potential tenants. Knowing the industry so well, they can help you market in ways you never thought of before.

Get in touch with us today and learn more about our services.

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