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How to Solve Common Landlord-Tenant Issues

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Dealing with irresponsible or neglectful tenants can be a struggle for landlords. Even when the tenants are careful and respectful, issues might arise naturally. However, you can always find a solution to these problems if you put in the effort.

Common landlord-tenant issues can be solved much more efficiently and effectively with the help of a property management company, but there are several things you can do on your own to avoid escalation of the problems.

Here are the most common landlord-tenant issues you might have to face and their solutions.

1. Late Rent Payments

Property owners often have to deal with tenants who never pay rent on time, or don’t pay the rent at all for months. Maybe you don’t know what action to take without evicting the renters. The wisest thing to do in this situation is to figure out the reason behind such negligence.

Talk to your tenant and make sure that the issue is temporary. Send them reminders of the due date a few days in advance. If the issue continues, try to come up with a payment strategy that’s convenient for both parties. If you notice that the tenant can’t afford to pay the full amount suggest looking for a roommate.

Have the tenant pay the first and the last month’s rent in advance. Make sure to include the details about the payment date and amount in the lease, as well as the security deposit policy.

2. Damaged Property

Maintenance issues are going to arise when you live on a property for a while. Most of the time, these issues are the owner’s responsibility. You must negotiate the maintenance terms before the tenant moves in and put down the details in the lease.

However, there are times when the property damages could be avoided, but the tenants have caused issues by being careless. Intentional property damage can be very disappointing and annoying for landlords.

It’s best to avoid such issues by taking action from the beginning. Inspect the property with professional help and get documentation that gives detailed information about the conditions of the property. These San Diego property managers are suggesting that when signing a lease include the cash for keys agreement. You will have the law on your side and the tenants will be forced to care for the property and leave it in perfect condition.

3. Noise

Often the property owners get complaints from the neighbors about the noise. If your tenants are too noisy and cause problems in the neighborhood, you might have to deal with the consequences.

According to these property managers in Playa Vista in cases like that, you should have a conversation with the tenant and if the problem continues, you can send them a legal notice or a threatening letter of eviction via email.

In case you own multiple properties and your tenants have this issue among themselves, it’s best to let them resolve the issue together.

4. Broken Policies

Every landlord has set certain policies for their property that tenants must follow. However, sometimes renters fail to go along with the rules. For example, you might have a no-pet policy or only allow a certain number of people to live on the property. Often, the tenants bring friends or partners to live with them and share the rent, or they have pets on the property.

Sometimes, the tenants like to renovate some parts of the property to suit their taste, maybe they got rid of your favorite furniture, repainted the walls, or changed the flooring.

The best way to make sure that the tenants are not causing any disputes and follow your rules as they should is to oversee their actions. You need to be checking up on the property frequently.

In the end, the best way to solve all of the issues is to create a detailed and clear lease. You will have the law on your side if the tenants misbehave or cause any problems. You can communicate with the renters if some of the problems can be resolved by a simple conversation. Take precautions to avoid any future misunderstandings.

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